Care During Pregnancy

I am a female Obstetrician, who provides care throughout your pregnancy, and the postnatal period. I speak English, Hindi and Marathi.

I look after women in St George Private Hospital, Hurstville Private Hospital, and St George Public Hospital.

Visit Schedule

Your first appointment is also referred to as a booking visit. Please bring your GP referral letter as well as any blood test or ultrasound results with you. This booking visit is a longer visit because it involves a detailed assessment of your health and pregnancy.

At this booking visit, you will receive an antenatal card, which I will update throughout your pregnancy. I will also organise for you to book into the hospital of your choice.

In an uncomplicated low-risk pregnancy, I will then see you

  • Every 4 weeks up until 28 weeks
  • Every 2 weeks between 28 and 36 weeks
  • Every week after 36 weeks.

I will organise blood tests and ultrasounds as required during your pregnancy. A complicated pregnancy may entail more visits and tests.

I will look after you during childbirth and in hospital in the immediate postpartum period.

I will also see you in 6 weeks post delivery for a check up.